Monday, July 7, 2008

Five minute fiction

It started with a friendly hug. That was all anyone had expected, but there was a spark of something more as they touched. As she stepped back, she looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back. It was just a smile, but it said so much more.

He sat beside her on the bench, casually laying his arm across the back of the seat, as if it were something that he did every day, with every person he met. She crossed her legs coyly, leaning in towards him ever so slightly. If he inhaled just a bit more, he could smell her shampoo. If she turned her head just so, she could smell his cologne.

He made a joke, and she laughed, touching his knee so casually that it must have been planned. He shifted slightly, and his arm came into contact with her shoulder as his foot nudged hers. She looked up at him and smiled again, this time staring into his eyes. Their smiles slowly faded, their expressions becoming more serious as he leaned down towards her...

"Cut!" yelled the director. "Okay kids, let's pick this up in five."

"Bitch," he muttered as she sat back.

"Jackass," she retorted. She stood up and gave him the finger before flouncing off towards her trailer. Some people were just awful to work with.

**This might go somewhere else... we'll see!**


KarenElizabeth said...

OOOOOooooo I hope it goes somewhere. That sounds like something I'd totally read lol. Speaking of reading - I've been reading Natasha's Gossip Girl books, totally mind numbing - but it makes me have hope that I could possibly one day be a writer. And yes you can see more pics. I'll post the site tomorrow and facebook you the password.

colbymarshall said...

Haha- I like this one :-)