Friday, January 2, 2009

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Have I mentioned that I LOVE SingStar?

For Christmas, I got two new SingStar games for the PS2 - Legends and Country.  We broke them in at the New Year's Party, and we had much drunken singing all night.  It was awesome.  Unfortunately, I suck at Country, because my range is just a bit too high, but I love the songs anyways.

Today, I got what may be the best SingStar for my voice - SingStar ABBA!

I go through phases with ABBA.  Sometimes I love them, sometimes I can't stand to hear them at all.  I seem to be in a 'love them' phase at the moment.  However, regardless of how I feel about the group, I know their music, and I can sing their songs.  Tonight, on my first attempt, I got over 8900 points!  Without having heard the song in... months, if not years.  So SingStar ABBA is my new favourite game.  Until I go back and play FFXII again.

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colbymarshall said...

Ha, last time it destroyed my dreams. I remember it well, gagaga!!!