Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

When it rains, my internet goes away.  I'm planning to have this fixed by actually getting my own internet connection next month, but until then, when it rains, my internet goes away.  Hence the early post - I'm between showers, and making the most of it.

Today is my puppy's first birthday!  It feels like a really big milestone to me, but she doesn't seem to care.  I wanted to post some pictures of her today, in celebration, but, well, the internet is being quirky, and I don't have the power cord for my camera, so I can't upload anything yet.  *le sigh*  But I promise, as soon as the cord comes back from Canada, I will have puppy pictures!

I was trying to find some way to celebrate for her, but, well, I can't really come up with anything.  I'm thinking of going online (later, of course) and finding a recipe for a cake for dogs, and making one this weekend.  If I do that, I'll totally photograph the whole thing, even if I have to go old-school and use *gulp* film!  For today, she's allowed to have a Ziggy, one of the treats made to go in the Kong.  Normally, she only gets those as a bribe on days when she's going to be stuck in the kitchen while I'm cleaning or doing other stuff where I can't have her underfoot.  She was a little suspicious, I think, but has been dragging it around since I got home, and seems pretty happy about it.  Yay!

I'm hoping to have more fiction up soon... it looks like it might be foggy again, and that seems to be a big inspiration lately.  I really need to work out just what kind of a creature Mel is!


colbymarshall said...

Maybe I'm a bad mother, but there's no way I'll ever make homemade dog treats. If I'm baking something, you can bet for damn sure that it's something I'm going to eat, lol! (*flash into what I will be like as a real mother* HAHAHAHAH!)

Big Plain V said...

With regards to your story, are you toying around with it when you sit down to blog, or are you really writing it?

I vote for really writing it. Seriously.

Danielle said...

Colby - you're not a bad mother! I'm just a Martha-Stewart-wannabe. Well, without the insider trading and jail time.

V - Right now, just toying around when blogging, because I have three other big projects that I'm seriously working on. Once I'm done at least one of those, I'm going to sit down a little more intently with Mel.