Sunday, January 25, 2009

They're trying to kill me!

I swear, big, white pickup trucks have it out for me!  THREE times today - THREE! - I nearly got crushed by a big, white pickup truck.

Granted, I've got a small car.  I drive a Volkswagon Beetle.  But it's RED!  It doesn't blend in with the grass or the highway or the sky... you should be able to see it!

The first time, I was on the interstate, and this truck changed lanes without signalling, and I had to slam on  my brakes to keep from hitting it.  And I wasn't going that fast, and it wasn't going that slow - it was just that close to me!

The exact same thing happened again about a half hour later!

The third time, I was on my way to the theatre, driving under an overpass, and the truck to my left started drifting into my lane!  I slowed down, because on my right was a freaking wall!

I'm going to be very wary of big, white pickup trucks.  Unless it's Mitzi.  I don't think she has it out for me... I hope...


Big Plain V said...

Big white trucks are really scary. They're what to takes you to the place where you're supposed to get better.

Mitzi said...

No, Mitzi's cool. Don't you worry about her.