Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mixed blessing

I found my iPod!


I thought I had lost it at some point after coming home from Canada… I remember listening to it on the plane, then sticking it in my pocket, but I didn’t remember doing anything with it after that.  Three days later, I went to grab it to play on the way to work, but I couldn’t find it.


It didn’t help that we’d had a New Year’s Eve party at my place, which meant I ‘cleaned’ everything.  I spent a week and a half looking for it, but no luck.


Tonight, I was making a dessert, and I moved a bag of sugar, and there it was!  Hiding behind stuff in the kitchen… not even the last place I would think to look for an iPod. 


So part of me is thrilled, because I’ve realized just how much I use the thing, and I’ve been feeling kind of lost without it.  But another part of me is just a little bit disappointed, because I was planning to save up for a bigger, better version, and now I have no excuse to get one.


But I have an iPod again!  Yay!