Thursday, January 29, 2009

Take Five (Part 14)

Laura had started towards the actress's trailer when Ricardo called for a break, but she had turned around in time to catch the exchange between the two actors.  Laura made a point of looking away, though, when Sophia started walking towards her trailer.  Between the bad start to the day and this latest exchange with her co-star, Laura was certain that Sophia was not going to be in a good mood.

Her prediction was not far off.  Sophia did not acknowledge anyone between the set and her trailer.  Laura had the door open as Sophia walked up  the steps, and the actress paused at the top step before going inside.  "Knock twice when Ricardo calls for me," Sophia instructed, then closed the door.

Laura blinked.  Maybe Blake had said something... nice?  Sophia certain seemed much less irritable than Laura had expected.  Of course, it didn't take much to change the actress's mood, so Laura resolved to stay on her toes.  She debated going off to grab a coffee, but decided against it - she wasn't sure how long of a break Ricardo planned to take, and Laura didn't want to be far, in case Sophia decided that she needed something.

"You look thirsty."

Laura whirled around, almost hitting Blake as she did so.  "What?" she asked, certain that she had misheard him.

"I said, 'You look thirsty'," Blank repeated, laughing lightly.  "I brought you some coffee.  It's got cream and sugar - you look like a cream-and-sugar sort of girl."  He held out a styrofoam cup towards her.

"Uh, thanks," Laura said, accepting the cup.  She didn't really like regular coffee - she was more of a smothered-in-caramel-and-chocolate sort of girl than a cream-and-sugar sort of girl - but she thought it was a sweet gesture.  She smiled at him awkwardly and took a sip.

"Mmm, hot," she said, wincing.

"Fresh," Blake corrected, taking a sip of his own coffee.  "So.   How've you been?"

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colbymarshall said...

Me no like coffee unless it is thoroughly disguised in chocolate or milk or otherwise, so I understand how she feels.