Sunday, January 18, 2009

I swear, I had a great idea!

Another one of those days where I should have blogged earlier in the day, when I had the brilliant idea...  I swear, it was going to be an awesome blog, about something that was pertinent to my daily life, but something that was a bit quirky, and not entirely ordinary.

But I can't remember it now.

So I'll just give you my good news:

The resolutions are going well! 

- I've blogged every day

- I finished a yellow baby blanket, and I'm almost done the blue and white scarf, which means I can start Charlotte Rae's baby blanket soon!  And while it's great that I've finished projects, the most important part is that I haven't started anything new yet, even though I can taste the end of the second one.  Go willpower!

- I've lost about a pound so far, which is good, but more importantly, I've been getting at least a little bit of activity in every day, either on the Wii or walking around while shopping (I like window shopping).  

- I've read one book, and I've grabbed another to start tomorrow at lunch. 

All in all, a successful year, so far.

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