Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yay! More accomplishing!

Another one bites the dust!

I've finished another project!  Woot!  So far, this year, I've finished the yellow baby blanket (that was going to be for Charlotte Rae, but now is not because I've seen the nursery and decided on a different pattern), a blue and white striped scarf (with 8 awesome pompoms, made with my pompom maker), and a brown and gold shrug (which should have been done this time last year).  Having finished two projects, I let myself start on another, so I'm working on the new baby blanket for Charlotte Rae, and I'm happy with it so far.  It's my first attempt at using a grid pattern, so it's a learning project, but I'm liking it.  That should be done soon, and then I'll have finished another two, and can start on another project!  The next one in line is a pair of wristwarmers for my sister, since she requested them a few months ago.  In the lineup of things to finish: a toque for James, a yellow and white baby blanket, a white speckled baby blanket, a blue and navy baby blanket, a blue sweater for myself, a purple/white/pink afghan, and a pink and white granny square afghan.  

Eventually, the list will be empty... of all of those projects, only the wristwarmers are not currently a work in progress.  The others are all in various stages of progress, hence the resolution to finish two before starting one.  I'm very proud of myself for sticking to that!  The only exceptions are the afghans, because they're so large.  They're harder to take with me, and they're just long-term projects.  But the rest... yeesh.  And once I'm done all of those, I'll make some more plot bunnies!

Have I mentioned that I like making stuff?

I've also made several necklaces and earrings.  I make greeting cards, too... I need to stop finding new hobbies.  It's awfully tempting to take up spinning so I can make my own yarn.  Or quilting, because my grandma and grandpa do that.  Must... not... learn... new... crafts...

Oh yes.  I also cleaned the burners on my stove today.  Very productive!

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Big Plain V said...

You need to turn your industriousness to bringing peace unto the world and solving its hunger problem.