Monday, January 19, 2009

Must learn to blog earlier...

I really need to learn to blog earlier in the day.

Unfortunately, I've gotten into the habit of blogging just before I go to bed.  That means that, on days like today - when I've worked all day, then had rehearsal all night, and I get home at 10:30 and have to wake up for 6:30 the next morning - I really don't have the energy to do a fancy, creative, awesome blog post.

However, I also have no desire or, well, level of creativity, earlier in the day.  I've tried pre-blogging (writing my entry earlier, like on my lunch break), but they never really work out for me.  The only one that sort of works for is the Take Five series, because I'm writing it longhand in a moleskine first, then typing it out here.  

I find Moleskines very inspiring... But I've always been a notebook-oriented person.  I've got 22 notebooks sitting on my shelf right now, and two in my purse, and one on the table downstairs.  Each of them has a different story going on, and I love it.  Some of them have been finished in the notebook, some have been switched over to computer, and one or two are works-in-progress, but each is special.  And there are very few of those notebooks that are the same.  I have one set of four identical books, and then I've got five that are the same style (Blueline), but different colours, and there are the two Moleskines (one red, one black) that live in my purse.  Oh, and there's the Moleskine that's on the counter downstairs, but it's not technically mine - it's part of the exchange.  And when I get my camera charger back from Canada, I'll post photos of the contribution I made to it!

Say, this hasn't been too bad for a tired post!

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