Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rant ahead

If someone asks you a question with two possible answers, will you respond with one of the choices, or with something else entirely?  (Boy, I can only imagine the comments that's going to generate!)

If you don't already know, I work for eye doctors.  I spend my day checking people's vision and eye pressure and generally doing all the stuff that the doctor wants done before he goes into see them.  As part of that, I give that eye exam where you get asked, "Which is better, one or two?"

What I don't understand is why people can't manage to have this exam without breaking me.  If I ask you which one is better, one or two, I really do want you to tell me which of those two options looks better!  I don't want you to say, "That's blurry."  I realize it's blurry.  I told you that it was going to be blurry.  I want to know which one is better.  And if I ask you which is better, three or four, please don't tell me that two was better!  Two is not one of your options!

And what is a rant about work without the same thing that breaks my brain every day?  2 is not a letter!!!  8 is not a letter!!  Go and watch Sesame Street for pete's sake!  Even Elisabeth, my friend's 3-year-old, can tell me that 2 is a number, not a letter!!

I hate my job sometimes.


colbymarshall said...

HAHAHAH! That is funny. Sometimes I think people like this should be put on an island away from the rest of us. Wait, I don't think that just sometimes...I always think it.

Big Plain V said...

Now you've got me scared. I'm famous for saying, "I dunno, they both kind of look the same."

Do you think that stresses my eye lady out?

Danielle said...

Colby - I totally agree! We need to go buy an island for that exact purpose.

V - No, if you say they look the same, you're still answering the question. However, if you said, "No" when asked which was better, or if you said, "It's still blurry," then she might want to kick you in the head.