Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crafty but tired

I've been exhausted lately.  I've been up too late, and up too early, and busy all day long.

Despite this, I'm feeling very crafty.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to be crafty.  *pouts* Instead, I will simply make a list of things that I am currently doing/want to do, in the hopes that it will inspire me to actually do these things.

1. Yellow crocheted wave blanket
2. Baby Charlotte's blanket
3. Erin's scrubs (I'm so sorry they're not done yet!  I promise, that's this weekend!)
4. Partners (my play)
5. Til Death (my novel)
6. Happily Ever After (my other novel)
7. White knit baby blanket

And that's just the stuff I'm in the middle of... but I only have to finish one more craft project before I'll let myself start something new!  Like one of these:

8. Armwarmers for Karen
9. Toque for James
10. Dishclothes for myself
11. "The Night It Went Too Far" (story)

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