Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I love daytime TV!

Daytime TV is great fun!  I went home sick from work today, and spent the day in bed, drifting in and out of sleep.  I had the TV on to drown out to noise of the neighbours (which wasn't too bad).  

I got to hear Martha Stewart educating people about the various types of lettuce out there (I may have dreamt it, but I think she included dandelions in that lesson!).  I got to hear "The Doctors" talking about the dangers of OTC medications.  And I got to hear Dr. Phil talking about that woman who had octuplets.

Most of what he had to say (that I was semi-awake for) was the same sort of thing I've heard everyone saying - basically, WTF?  You're on federal assistance (but denying it), you've already had 6 kids from IVF, and now you have 8 more?  And you have no job, and you live in your parents' 3-bedroom house?  Yeesh!

I really wanted to hear what Kate had to say (from TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus Eight"), but I must have fallen asleep, because I don't remember seeing her.  Because really, if the octuplet mama is going to listen to someone and take the advice seriously, the sextuplet mama is the one to listen to!  Or maybe that "19 and Counting" mama.

In any case, I dozed through tons of daytime TV today, and it was awesome.

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colbymarshall said...

Here's basically what Kate said: I almost lost my sanity with eight kids, this woman is doomed. (Of course, that's paraphrased!)