Friday, February 20, 2009

Moleskine Entry

Tonight's post is the entry I made in Marmoknit's Moleskine for the International Moleskine Exchange, and is cross-posted in my craft blog.

My Grandma Leda, actually my great-grandma, was a huge influence in my life.  I have hundreds of memories of being over at her house - we spend time upstairs with the whole family, but my favourite times were when we got to go down to the basement.  Grandma Leda was a painter, and her basement was filled with all of her paintings.  Every wall down there wa
s covered in landscape paintings, and there were dozens stacked up against the walls.  The whole basement had this special smell - it was wood and paint and canvas... I've almost never smelled it anywhere else, except in my own craft room, where I have some of her paintings and a wooden chest that she stored in the basement.  Everyone in our family has at least one painting from Grandma Leda, most of us have more than one.

The other thing that I remember about her was the teacups.  When I went to Grandma Leda's, she would always make tea, and I would get to drink it out of a tiny little teacup.  I always felt so grown up, with a pretty cup that was just for me, and just for special times with Grandma Leda.  Even now, when I'm lonely and vaguely homesick, I make a cup of tea in a pretty teacup, and I feel better.

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