Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mia made friends!

I took Mia for her usual walk after work today, and over by the mailboxes, my puppy made two new friends!

Samuel is a six-month old standard dachshund, and he's adorable.  He's paper-trained, so he's not entirely sure what to do with himself outside.

Itsy is an older miniature pinscher (I don't know how old), who is definitely a lot more stout than Mia.  Her mama says it's because she's been fixed.  She's got the same sort of chest as Jacky, my parents' Jack Russell terrier.  

Both of the new friends were, well, friendly!  It got a bit messy, because all three dogs were on those retractable leashes, so we had some untangling to do, but it all worked out. 

The best part, though, was that Mia was so well-behaved!  She didn't bark or bite at all!  There was some jumping, but all three of them were doing that, and a lot of it was more like gazelle-style leaping.

In related puppy news, Mia has almost completely figured out that she has to walk on the same side of the tree (or light post) as me.  Almost.  We've had a few little incidents where she's nearly clotheslined herself.  And she doesn't apply this to people.  But we're getting there!

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MJ said...


I can't count the amount of times that Panther wrapped me around a light post or column in my last apartment. He eventually got it, but it took a while. Now it's nice to just let him loose in a yard.