Wednesday, February 18, 2009

General update

It's raining, therefore I have no internet.  This is sad.  So this blog will appear later than the time that it should, but it's being written at 6:57 pm!  (With an update at 11:16 pm.)

I had to charge my phone today.  You wouldn't think that this is an important bit of information, and if circumstances were different, I totally would NOT be excited about this fact.  However.  I got a new phone!  I charged it on Saturday afternoon, and I haven't plugged it in since.  It's been constantly on, sending and receiving texts, and I've made hours worth of phone calls!  Okay, so if my other phone hadn't been so crappy, this would not feel quite so impressive... but with the old phone, I could only talk for 2-3 minutes before the battery would die and it would turn off.  Even when it had just been fully charged.  It sucked.

But I have a new phone, and it is wonderful!!  Yay!!

On another happy note, tonight marked my return to the "Wednesday Night Thing" (a.k.a. "Project Runway Night," "Pushing Daisies Night," and other various and sundry aliases).  This was the first time since rehearsals for The Great American Trailer Park Musical really got under way - I couldn't really skip a rehearsal to go hang out.  Well, I suppose I could, but it would have been a bad idea.  It's nothing too fancy, just food, tv (usually Jeopardy), and hanging out, but I really missed it while I was gone.  I think my favourite part about it is the people - these are people who I can consider my friends, not just people who hang out with me because I'm someone's girlfriend.  Plus, they're all crazy theatre types, and that's fun.

Tonight's menu was Mexican-themed, and I made FLAN!  Okay, that's only significant if you've spent as much time watching The Great American Trailer Park Musical as I have... Tina/Pickles works at the mall foodcourt at a place called "Stand by Your Flan."  Okay, maybe it's not all that funny... but whatever.  I made flan, and it's weird shit.  It's not Jell-o, pudding, or ice cream, but it shares qualities with all of those things... and it's just... weird.  I'm not sure I made it right, since I've never had it before.  It was really sweet.  And it felt weird in my mouth - kind of creamy, kind of squishy, vaguely solid.  Just weird.  And it cracked my casserole dish.  That was sad.  But I'll get a new one, and I'll just have to be careful about making flan in the future.  If I ever make it again.

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