Sunday, February 22, 2009

Much driving...

Tonight shall be a short post, because I'm exhausted.  I drove to Marietta and back tonight, so I could meet my dad for dinner.  It was great to see him again, and I wish we could have had more time.  Luckily, he's coming back in about two weeks, and this time, it will be for a visit with me, instead of just passing through on business.  Yay!

The most important part?  I drove through Atlanta, by myself, and made it home in one piece!  Yay!  I've heard horror stories of Atlanta driving.  Granted, I was driving on a Sunday night, but still, I managed to make it, so I'm proud of myself.

I listened to my "iPod mix" on the trip (that's what the playlist is labelled, I'm not just using quotation marks for fun), and I heard a lot of music that I haven't listened to in years.  I basically went through my entire music collection, and added my favourite song or two from every cd I own.  I decided that I need to re-listen to Jet Set Satellite in the next few days, because I love the title of one of their songs, and I want to write a short story with the same title.  I want to listen to the lyrics, to see if there's anything else I can incorporate.  Does anyone else do that?

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colbymarshall said...

good for you in Atl...I have lived in GA all my life, and I am still scared of driving in Atlanta everytime I go.