Friday, February 27, 2009

What it feels like

It was angry.  It wasn't sure why it was angry, but it knew that it was angry.  Maybe it was cranky because it wasn't pretty.  It was actually ugly, verging on hideous.  It was greenish-grayish little creature, and it was squishy and slimy.  It had two stubby little legs and two stubby little arms, each set coming out from opposite sides of its rounded body.  It had no head to speak of, and a single, glaring eye set halfway between its arms and legs.

It propped its arms up against the gleaming white wall, and set its feet against the pinky-grey mass that sat beside the wall.  Closing its eye, the thing pushed with all of its might, trying to shove its way out.  It kicked at the pinky-grey stuff, irritated as it squished out of the way.  It pushed at the gleaming white wall, frustrated as it refused to budge.  The thing pushed and pushed.  It shoved and shoved.  It got more and more angry.

"Shit," the girl muttered, closing her eyes and rubbing her head.  "Another migraine."

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