Monday, February 9, 2009

Swiss Goodness

The crackle of the plastic wrapper breaks the silence of the room.  A soft rip follows, and it crinkles again as the protective wrapping is peeled back.  A slight aroma wafts up from the package as hasty fingers pull at the wrapper, freeing the contents.  The cardboard base falls to the floor, a soft thunk.  

"Mmmm..." A soft moan sounds as the first bite is taken.  A slight saltiness at first, then rich, luscious, chocolate-y goodness.  The creamy center is sweet and light, breaking the chocolate rush.  The first bite is savoured, but the second and third are hasty, trying to get as much sweetness as possible.  Finally, the last mouthful is allowed to slowly dissolve, the chocolate and cream melding into one sweet mixture before being swallowed.

The second Swiss Roll sits in the wrapper, taunting, teasing, tempting.  It is impossible to resist.

Two bites, and it is gone.

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