Friday, February 13, 2009


So everything in my life relates back to this show right now, mostly because, well, this show IS my life right now...

Last night, several of the cast/crew went to a party.  We had our own little convoy going from the theatre, and at one point, there was a dead possum in the street.  I thought it looked awfully fresh, but I did my best to swerve so that it went under my car instead of under the wheels.  We all finally got to the party, and Christine tells us that SHE was the one who hit it!  (She was the front of our convoy.)   The first thing that went through her head?  "It's just a little roadkill" - a line from the song "Roadkill" from the show!

We all got a kick out of that.  If you haven't seen/heard "The Great American Trailer Park Musical," you should go see it!  Two days left at MLT!  Or go buy the soundtrack!  Go!

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