Thursday, February 5, 2009

Three minutes to spare!

It's been a long freaking week.  Tonight will be random.

When you're onstage and all the lights go out, DON'T FREAKING MOVE.

Yellow highlighter glows nicely under a blue light.  Purple highlighter does not.

You can bruise your heart if you hit your chest hard enough when falling.

If I aim the vents in my car so that they warm my hands on the steering wheel, they're also blowing straight into my eyes.

You can make the MLT mics echo.

I can't make all of the headsets at MLT work.

I can bedazzle bras with the best of them.

Something in my wrist popped about five minutes ago, and my thumb is still tingling.

I've slept less than six hours a night for the past two weeks, and I normally need about 9 hours. 

I've bought more Starbucks in the past week than I have in the past year.

I've been at work on time all week, despite the last two points.  Okay, maybe the last one is helping with that a little.

I miss sitting down and writing.

My internet works much better at 6pm than at 11 pm.

"The Great American Trailer Park Musical" seems to be cursed.

I need to find a way to lift the curse that comes with saying the name of the Scottish play in a theatre when the person who said it has since quit the show and is not welcome in the theatre at the moment.

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KarenElizabeth said...

WHOA someone said the M word in the theatre??? That's just WRONG. Hope all is much better now!