Thursday, May 15, 2008

Five minute fiction

Five minutes to think, five minutes to write...

From the Imagination Prompt Generator:

Brainstorm 10 titles to your autobiography.
1. Crossing Borders
2. Falling Over
3. Tales from a Broken Girl
4. Confessions of a Yarn Whore
5. Walking Contradiction
6. Everything and Nothing: Who Am I, Really?
7. Danielle's Guide to Housebreaking (Dogs, Men, and more)
8. Black and White: My Life in Photographs
9. Dancing in Circles
10. What I Did For Love

Name five things in your freezer.
1. Toffee-flavoured ice cream bars
2. Two apple pies and a meat pie. Or two meat pies and an apple pie. Unlabeled.
3. Homemade chicken soup
4. Kroger brand chicken tenders
5. Ice


Ten Guilty Pleasures
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. People magazine
3. Dove chocolate
4. US magazine
5. OK magazine
6. Tabloids in general
7. D&D (in some circles - with others, there is no guilt)
8. I really can't think of any more...

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