Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lots to celebrate!

What a day! There's so much to celebrate!

First, I learned how to parallel park today. Woot! I practiced downtown tonight, and I had to imagine cars based on where the lines on the road were. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the lines on the road because I was inside the car. But I got the theory of it. Then, as we were on the way home for the night, Shane saw a spot right between two cars, so I got to practice with real cars! It was soooo much easier - apparently I am no good at all at imagining cars, but I can handle the real thing. Just a bit more practice, and I'll be ready to take my road test!

Second, and more important (in my opinion), my puppy did not have any accidents while I was home tonight! Even better, while she was crated (while we were driving), she didn't have any accidents in the crate! She's done her business (I love puppy euphemisms) every time I've taken her outside tonight. I'm so proud of her! Things are finally starting to click with her, I think. Ring bell, go outside, THEN pee, THEN come back in. For a while, she had the order wrong...

So hurray for today! Only problem is, driving (while fun) still stresses me out a bit, so I'm exhausted and going to bed. But I've started formulating the idea for a new story... we'll see what percolates while I'm sleeping. I'll let the idea marinate overnight. I love using marinate in a non-food context - I heard it in the movie "Kissing Jessica Stein" and I wish I had more opportunities to use it in everyday life. Off to percolate and marinate!

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KarenElizabeth said...

You're so cute. Have you got your package yet?