Friday, May 9, 2008

It's not dead yet!

I thought my camera was dead - it was stuck in limbo between on and off, with the lens bit sticking out, and the screen black. However, it was just stuck! I brought it out to show my photographer friend, to see if she could do anything with it, and I somehow bumped the lens bit. It went back in, so I hit the power button, and it worked! Now, it's still close to dead - it's been putting these icky lines across random photos if it has anything but full power - but I can still use it! So today's blog is full of all those pictures that I've been meaning to post!

First up, above and to your left, is the awesome monkey bedspread that I talked about a few posts back ('a few posts back' is like 'the other day' in that it could be yesterday, or it could be two weeks ago). The sheets, which are mostly hidden by the duvet, are blue and teal striped, with a little monkey border. I love them.

Next up: the monkey rug! According to the tag on the rug, it's supposed to be a bathmat. While I tend to follow the manufacturer's suggestions about the intended uses of most items, this one is an exception to the rule. Why? Because I don't have monkeys in my bathroom. If I did, this would certainly be the bathmat of choice. However, my bathroom has a more... Barbie doll feeling to it. Yes, my bathroom is filled with Barbie-pink accessories - you know, that bright, not-quite-neon-not-really-magenta colour that's on all of the Barbie doll and accessory packages. You can see how the monkey bathmat really doesn't fit with that scheme. Instead, it is a monkey beside-the-bed mat. And my puppy enjoys trying to eat its ears.

Finally, my puppy! This is Mia, the unhousebroken. In this photo, she is located in my lap, which is her favourite place to be. Isn't she adorable? Even if she does poop everywhere...

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