Sunday, May 25, 2008

Five Minute Fiction

From Hatch's Plot Bank: "thinks letter from idol is personal "

"It's here! It's here!" MaryAnn squealed, dropping the other mail as she held aloft the large white envelope. The sun shone from behind it, giving it an almost holy appearance, which seemed rather appropriate in her opinion.

"MaryAnn! Pick up that mail!" her mother called from the front door. She shook her head - rock and roll would be the end of that girl, she was sure.

"Yes, Mother," MaryAnn said. She hurried to pick up the other, unimportant envelopes, careful not to let them touch the pristine surface of the letter clutched in her left hand. She dumped the other envelopes unceremoniously onto the kitchen table before rushing upstairs with her prize.

MaryAnn laid across her bed, just staring at the handwritten address on the envelope. "Miss Mary Ann March," she read aloud. She could just picture Justin writing those very words himself. "Mrs. MaryAnn Timberlake," she said, grinning.

She wasn't entirely sure what his reply would be, but it would be absolutely perfect, she was certain. After all, MaryAnn knew that she truly was his biggest fan, and the letter she had sent him had been the best letter he could ever have received - after all, she had spent nearly a month writing and rewriting it, trying to get the wording perfet. Justin deserved the best, and that's what she wanted to offer him. She knew that, after reading her declaration of love and admiration, there was no way he could do anything but respond in kind!

Taking a deep breath, MaryAnn opened the envelope carefully, trying to preserve it for her scrapbook. She reached inside and pulled out... an 8x10 glossy photograph with a signature in the bottom corner. Just a signature - not even her name! 'Well, he is busy,' she thought. 'Maybe he forgot to personalize the photo.' Behind it was a piece of paper, and her heart leapt - of course he had written back.

"'My dear fan,'" she began to read out loud. "'Thank you for taking the time to send me a letter...' Wait a second! This is typed!" Her eyes widened with the realization that this was a form letter. He probably hadn't even read the letter she had worked so hard on...

"Stupid musicians!" she shouted, throwing down the envelope, photo and letter. MaryAnn heaved a great sigh, then looked at the bulletin board over her desk. A smile began to cross her face once more. "Musicians are not the way to go... but actors!" In a flash, she was at her desk, composing a fervent declaration of her love for Matthew McConaughy. HE would definitely write back!

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colbymarshall said...

Ooh..."Dear Fan" reminds me of the dreaded "Dear Author" rejection. Gross.