Sunday, May 18, 2008

I can't believe I've kept forgetting!

I made it a whole month without missing a blog entry! The only pseudo-exception was when the tornados knocked out my power, but I still did a vlog and posted it as soon as I could, so I count that as a hit. I've meant to comment on it for, like, five days, but I've remembered after I finished blogging and turned off the computer for the night. So today, I celebrate!

WOOT! One whole month!

On a side note, it's sad that Colby and I have such different monkeys in our lives. Hers is the battered-wife style battle monkey, who crosses swords with her at every chance... it reminds me a bit of the undead monkey from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Mine is just a happy monkey who hangs from trees and eats bananas... more like Curious George, except less troublesome. Our monkeys will never be able to be friends, because I don't want mine to learn all of those crazy ninja tricks. I can barely sleep worrying about Mordthor. I don't need to worry about a ninja monkey, too.

And related to Colby, auditions for "Guys and Dolls" at MLT started tonight. I didn't know there would be a dance audition, so I dressed for a singing audition - jeans, cute little shoes, semi-warm shirt. Let's just say, I'm SOOOO glad I'm a dancer! Despite not being dressed for it, mentally prepared for it, and not having taken a real dance class since this time last year, I think I did pretty well. Apparently, I can still do the splits. Yay! Well... we'll see how my groin feels tomorrow before I cheer too much. But the singing part... ick. I can't sing at auditions. I can sing later, in rehearsals, and I can sing before. Just not at auditions. Oh well. We'll see how it goes. Cast list goes up on Friday... a very long time to wait!


colbymarshall said...

Yes, I am ready for the cast list NOW! LOL..and you're don't want your monkey anywhere near my monkey, as he would teach your monkey all sorts of bad habits and school him in the more refined ways of cruelty. Not a good thing.

KarenElizabeth said...

When is Guys and Dolls playing?

pinksunshine24 said...

I went back tonight and it made me feel worse!! But Colby talked me off the cliff I was on and I'm feeling better now. Ugh. Friday needs to be here NOW.