Monday, May 19, 2008

Five minute fiction

From Hatch's Plot Bank: "fails to report robbery until 3 days later "

"And when did this alleged robbery take place, Ms. Banks?" the detective asked, surveying the scene around him. It certainly looked as if the apartment had been ransacked, but the young woman's story just didn't sound right.

"March 14," replied the young blonde woman, blinking innocently. The almost-vacant look in her eyes made the detective wonder if perhaps she truly was telling the truth.

"March 14," Detective Stone repeated. "Three days ago?"

"Yes," Anna Banks said with a nod. "That's right."

"And what have you been doing for the past three days?"

"Oh, you know how it is... I had to go in to the restaurant, and then I had my headshots redone, and oh, I had my singing lessons. Oh! And there were some speech lessons, too." Anna's eyes surveyed the ceiling as she tried to recount what she had done. "And I went to the gym a lot."

"Is there any particular reason that you did not report this robbery sooner?" Detective Stone asked.

"I was awfully busy," Anna told him, sounding almost exasperated. "I had to work, and all those lessons and working out - it's hard work, trying to be an actress in Vancouver."

"And you saw your apartment like this?" the detective asked, trying to wrap his brain around the young woman's attempt at logic.

"I did," she replied. "And I didn't touch a thing - I was an extra on CSI two years ago, and all of them kept telling you not to touch anything, because it would be tampering with evidence. I even kept my kitty locked in the bedroom so she wouldn't move anything. I'd hate to ruin evidence."

The detective stared at her. She was dead serious. The guys would laugh their asses off at this one.

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