Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Drawing a blank

I want to write.  But I have no ideas at the moment.  I don't know where to go next on my WIP, and I don't really have any short story ideas (for once).  I'm going to blame my crappy day.  So instead of writing, I'm going to knit.  Well, crochet.  I have a pattern (ish) to follow, so I know what's ahead.  I suppose, if I ever managed to outline, I would have a pattern-like thing to follow for my writing, but I've never been able to write a proper outline.  Even in high school, when we had to hand in our outlines as part of our grade for an essay, I'd write the outline after I wrote the essay.  I keep hearing that outlines are important, but I just can't make them work for me.  I'm more of a 'rough idea' sort of girl... or a 'notebook full of ideas that may or may not work together' sort of girl.   I like the feeling of a story unfolding for me... perhaps I should stick to being a reader...

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