Thursday, May 7, 2009

Naked puppy!

I went out and bought a new harness for Mia today.  She had been using an extra-small size, but it seemed awfully tight under her front legs, even at its largest.  So I picked up a small... and it looked huge!  But it seems to work well, so I guess she's bigger than I thought.

I decided that it was kind of goofy to have her wearing a collar and a harness, especially since her collar doesn't have any tags on it, so I took the collar off.  She wore the harness around the house all evening, so it was easy to take her outside as necessary.  It's bedtime now, so I took it off, and I've got a naked puppy running around!  It's so strange to see her without any sort of collar on... I'm considering putting it back on, just so she doesn't look so bare.  I'd hate to feel the need to knit her a sweater!  And I'm sure she'd hate to wear one!

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