Monday, May 25, 2009


I kind of like thunderstorms.  Mostly.  

What I don't like is when they repeatedly knock out my power.  Now I know we've been in drought conditions for, like, forever, but did we really have to make up for it all in one week?   Seriously, every day that it's rained this week, I've come home to find my clocks flashing and my tv's unprogrammed.  I fix it all, and then next day, same thing.  


At least my watch doesn't get plugged in.


Big Plain V said...

Sounds awesome.

I love a gray sky. Rain is a bonus, and thunder is downright exciting.

Big Plain V said...

Hey. Add me on FB. Was gonna add you, but I guess I don't know your proper name.

Pretty sure there's only one Ray Veen.