Monday, May 18, 2009

A rock sort of evening

I was in the mood for heavy music tonight.  Heavy music and fast driving.  Unfortunately, the speed limit was 45, so the driving didn't get very fast.  But the music was heavy and loud.

There's always been a definite connection between music and mood for me.  When I get frustrated, especially over things I can't control, I turn to one of two types of music - heavy rock, or showtunes.  Yeah, I realize they're on completely opposite ends of the musical spectrum, but they both work, depending on the day.  Showtunes are great for belting out at the top of my lungs in the car, with me being much louder than the song (and I'm pretending that cars are soundproof so no one else hears).  A bunch of good, upbeat showtunes can turn my mood into something much more chipper.

The heavy stuff is good for when I want to savour a bad mood, if that makes sense.  Sometimes, I just need to feed the irritation, the frustration, the anger, until it dissipates on its own.  The music can make it go faster.  I play this stuff as loud as the stereo can handle it, and instead of belting along, it's almost a growl that I have going on.  And after about three songs tonight, I felt better.  And then I was just listening to the music for the sake of enjoying it, which was nice.  Plus, I rediscovered some tracks that I haven't heard in a while, by Jet Set Satellite (whom I hung out with once upon a time almost ten years ago) and by the Fleshtone Rockets (whom I also knew, but they have since disbanded).

Of course, I'm a fan of most music... except love songs.  You've read that, I'm sure.  (I was going to link back to the post where I ranted about how creepy love songs are, but I can't find it.  It's around here somewhere, I'm sure.)  I was in surgery this morning with a different doctor than usual, and I LOVED the music - the first three cases were with the Elvis station playing, and the last three had swing/jazz music.   It was all very peppy and upbeat and singable.  None of this "I love you so much I want to die if you even think about thinking about leaving me!" crap.  

Being a fan of most music, however, means that I like a lot of crap, too.  But I recognize that the Spice Girls are not high quality music, and neither was NKOTB... but I still love listening to them sometimes.  There is music for every occasion, and there are occasions for every song.

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colbymarshall said...

Pet peeve: songs that say the words "I want to die with you" or "I want to die in your arms" or some variation of the same. Um...I love you, but I don't want to do a Romeo and Juliet thing, thanks.