Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stealth posting

Heehee!  I got internet at the theatre tonight, so I'm using the inordinately long time between cues to post to my blog - whee!

The show is going swimmingly.  I actually don't know what swimmingly means, so let's Google it...

Pronunciation: \ˈswi-miŋ-lē\
: very well : splendidly swimmingly>

Hey, that totally works!  The show really is going swimmingly!  Hooray for a vocabulary lesson!  Now, honestly, I had a pretty good idea of the meaning of the word, otherwise I wouldn't have attempted to use it, but I didn't know the exact definition.  I looked up another one today, at work.  Takayasu's disease is an inflammatory disease of the arteries characterized by decreased blood flow to the upper extremities, brain, and eyes. 

See?  You really do learn something new every day!  And today I learned two new things, so I don't have to learn anything tomorrow if I don't want to.  :)

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