Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I didn't mean to come off as flip with yesterday's blog!  I hope I didn't offend anyone - I really do understand that latex allergy is a major problem.  We occasionally have patients with latex allergies come into the OR, and there are a ton of precautions that we take because the complications can be life-threatening.

My eye-rolling came at the idea of being 'unhireable' because of it.  There are plenty of jobs that don't require any contact with latex, even in the medical field.  And, as long as proper precautions are taken, a mild sensitivity may never develop into a full-blown allergy.  Basically, my point was that the anesthetist was blowing red fingers way out of proportion.  This is just something that she does.  EVERYTHING is a major event in her view.

If you don't know anything about latex allergies, definitely go and check out the links that lafer posted as comments on my last entry.  I checked them out earlier today, and while I was familiar with a lot of the information, I did learn some new things, too.


Big Plain V said...


Apparently people aren't finding your blog because they've googled 'theatre' or 'writing' or even 'yarn'.

I'd kind of be pissed.

Danielle said...

LOL! At least they're finding it, right?