Saturday, May 30, 2009

What, no number?

Nope, today's post has not been sponsored by a number!  Bwahahaha!  Just when you thought you might have figured me out... I change!


I'm posting early tonight, and that's throwing me off a bit.  But I'm having people over, and that always screws with the bedtime blogging, because bedtime is VERY late most of those nights.  

I've been thinking about the picture that I've been given to write about (thanks, V!), and I've got some ideas... but most of them have turned into a Harlequin-style romance!  Although I suppose that's not a bad thing, necessarily.  In any case, while I'm not writing fiction today, I am pondering it, and you should expect to see something about this barn in the next week or so.  I'm carrying a notebook around with me, to catch any stray ideas!

1 comment:

Big Plain V said...

Food for thought: there are snakes in that barn.

Big black ones.